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In 1839, the Parisian press talked about the "Austrian bakery" and the crispy cookies baked there. The bakery located at 92 Richelieu Street belonged to the Austrian artilleryman, August Tsang. There are many legends, but historically proven facts about the first croissant are connected to its name. There are, however, historically proven facts about the first croissant linked to its name.


During the short period of his life in Paris, Auguste established the technique of baking not only croissants, but also bread, which later laid the foundation for baguette baking.


August left a huge mark on the European baking culture, inspired us to create a brand that uses European traditions in the modern baking process.


The story of August begins in 2019, when we had the idea of creating a boulangerie and decided to establish the European bread and pastry culture in Georgia and share the emotions there with the Georgian population.


There are 7 branches of August throughout Tbilisi, for which our enterprise prepares pastries and other diverse products every day, 24 hours a day. The enterprise is staffed with highly qualified personnel and the highest quality machinery of European standards, through which our branches and food facilities of other partner companies are supplied twice a day.


August enterprise

August's modern enterprise is where guests' favorite artisanal products are made. Our staff works in full compliance with food safety standards, and with the latest German and Italian smart equipment, so that fresh, tasty, best quality products reach our and our partners' counters every day. Master classes, international exhibitions, constant sharing of European experience - this is the direction that never loses its importance and determines the leadership of our company in the market both in terms of taste, stable quality and visuals.

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